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Aaron Magulick has been a fan of anime ever since being exposed to it in the late '90s. A fan of nearly all genres, he is not afraid to explore the creepier side of the industry.

‘Zoku Owarimonogatari’ is Getting a 6 Episode Anime Series

Shaft debuted their Zoku Owarimonogatari movie, which is the final chapter in the Monogatari saga!

Here is the ‘Attack on Titan’ Draft Shonen Jump Rejected

Nine years after the manga's debut, Kodansha has decided to publish Isayama's first draft -- the one Weekly Shonen Jump turned down.

Top 21 Liveliest Undead Anime Characters That’ll Spook You This Halloween

Anime is home to vampires and creepy clowns, so you shouldn't be surprised to see some undead characters!

Best-Selling ‘Do You Love Your Mom’ Light Novel Gets an Anime

We are about to witness the true peak of the isekai genre thanks to a crazed, overprotective mom.

Date Literal “Shit Guys” in Upcoming ‘Unko Danshi’ Game

Nobody loves toilet humor more than Japan

Girls Pick Up Guns in ‘Rifle is Beautiful’ Anime

Finally, an anime about loving guns as much as Americans do!

11 Series Where Evil Triumphed Over Good

Like life, sometimes evil wins. And since this is about evil, there will be spoilers!

21 Things You Experience as You Fall Into A Binge Hole

Are you a binger? Do you try to stockpile then find yourself racing through episodes, giving into your growing obsession as you slowly stop sleeping, eating, and living in real life?

‘World Trigger’ Resumes After a 21-Month Hiatus

Daisuke Ashihara is ready to continue World Trigger!

The 15 Greatest Slice of Life Anime Chosen by Japan

Goo Ranking asked the Japanese community to vote for their favorite anime in the genre!

The 9 Original Anime Series That Will Excite Fans This Fall

There's nothing more exciting than a new slate of original anime!

You May Never Want a Live-Action ‘Berserk’ Due to This Ad

You've never wanted a live-action Berserk adaptation before...and you still might not want it...

Naruto Voice Actor Hikaru Miyata has Passed Away

Voice actor Hikaru Miyata has sadly passed away at the age of 87 while at a Tokyo hospital on Sunday at 6:45 am JST....

‘Higurashi’ Fan Can Play the Full Story on PS4 in 2019

PS4 owners will soon be able to experience the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni story!

‘Kill la Kill the Game’ Features an All-New Story Staring Satsuki

Fans are dreaming of playing through their favorite series as Ryuko, but Satsuki fans have a lot to cheer about!

The Fall 2018 Season Will Be Huge For Sequel Fans

Anime fans love sequels, and why wouldn't they?

‘Re:Zero’ Gets a New OVA That’s All About Emilia

"Frozen Bonds" ("Hyouketsu no Kizuna") will be about Emilia and Puck's first meeting, which takes place before the main story!

What Fall 2018 Anime Has You Hyped?

The fall season is upon us and we want to know what series the community is most hyped to watch. Below, you'll find 15...

Surprise — The ‘Gintama’ Manga Still Isn’t Ready to End

Weekly Shonen Jump is getting ready to end their serialization of Gintama -- but the manga still has life. You see, Hideaki Sorachi "needs a little...

Japanese Group Shares Email Criticizing Parents That Complain About Anime

You're watching some late-night anime, when suddenly grotesque jiggle physics slap your face and gore comes flooding in. Shocked, appalled, and offended -- you...