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Kimi ni Todoke - Yona of the Dawn - Chihayfuru - Paradise Kiss

Any Isekai Recommendations Where the Guy Isn’t a Loser in the...

I love isekai but sometimes it's hard to get through the first few episodes or awkwardness of the guy. It seems like every isekai is about a guy...

Anime Characters Appear in Illegal Net Neutrality FCC Comments

Net Neutrality protects the Internet from extra fees, allows users to get HD streaming without paying extra for it, and stops ISPs from slowing...

Japanese Pro Pianists Cover Yuri on Ice Songs

Yuri on Ice is over but there are so many fans that popular pianists like Chiharu Sudo and Ryo Sonoda are covering the music. It's...

6 Cases of Dabbing in Anime

Dabbing? In MY anime? It's more common than you think!



Rumor: Live-Action ‘Pokemon’ Cinematic Universe is in Development

Legendary Entertainment seems to have high hopes for Detective Pikachu because they are developed two more live-action Pokémon movies!