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11 Times Hentai was the Truest Form of Art

Yes, hentai is the truest art form in its depiction of the human anatomy and passion!

Bowsette is Getting Her Own Convention in Japan

Just when you thought the Bowsette trend couldn't get any bigger, something new crops up! First, a single webcomic from Haniwa spawned an entire movement...

Even Your Favorite Manga Artist is Loving Bowsette

Bowsette Mangaka Cover
Bowsette is this month's trendy waifu, and by the gods is she trending hard!

Bowsette is Coming to Take Over Your Social Media Feed

How did this wonderous creation come to be?

Japanese Animator Shows the Process of Making Anime Boobs Jiggle

Fellow men and women of culture. We have come together on this humble day to pay homage to the holy evangelist that are spreading...

Is This the ‘The Little Mermaid’ of Eroges?

If you were a kid growing up in the 90s, Disney Movies likely provided a large impact on your childhood. From the adventures of...

So Donald Trump Was Recently In an Anime

Anime and President Donald Trump always seem to mix in the most unusual ways. Like the time Trump was a Japanese transfer student that was also a...

Your Waifu Isn’t Real

http://streamable.com/rqpc4 Time to learn the truth about your waifu.

Caleon Fox – No Swag No Swag

No swag, no swag. -DAB-

44 Times Anime Boob Physics Were Amazing In Their Own Way

Animation allows you to make the impossible, possible. So what do animators who have spent years of their lives studying art, technique, and the human...

Her Kuroneko Cosplay Can’t Be This Cute!

Remember Oreimo? Yes yes, I know. We do not speak of Oreimo after that ending. But let's just forget about that for a second and remember...

What Anime Sounds Like To Your Parents

Have you ever watched anime with your parents? Maybe they walked in on you while you were watching it on TV or without headphones....

Top 23 Most Perverted Female Anime Characters

When Alexavis article "Girls Can Like H Too!" article dropped, some perfect cinnamon roll of people realized that girls can be just as big of...

15 Times Prison School Represented the Ultimate Squad Goals

Squad Goals has been popping up a lot in mainstream media. Like Burger King Squad goals. #NationalBurgerDay pic.twitter.com/OVSuPNTaBr — Burger King (@BurgerKing) May 28, 2015 To even celebrities I...

28 Anime Characters That Have Some Serious Eyebrow Game

Welcome to the GoBoiano eyebrow salon where we help you get the anime look you desire! No seriously its a real place, not some shit...

31 Most Hated Anime Characters On The Internet

I think it's safe to assume most of the people here are fans of anime Seriously what are you doing here if you aren't. But even...

35 of the Cutest Younger Sisters In Anime

Sisters in anime are usually nothing like sisters in the real world. Please sister. Tell me more about your boy band crushes   Having an anime sister would...

11 Anime Universes You’d Be Unlucky To Live In

Many people dream of living in the anime world Adventures! Exciting romance! And much more! But then there are some series that make us glad to live our...

19 Anime Characters That Are Insanely Overpowered

Gif Warning 1. Goku - Dragonball Z 2. Tatsuya Shiba - Mahouka 3. Sora and Shiro (Blank) - No Game No Life 4. Izayoi Sakamaki - Problem Children Are Coming...



Rumor: Live-Action ‘Pokemon’ Cinematic Universe is in Development

Legendary Entertainment seems to have high hopes for Detective Pikachu because they are developed two more live-action Pokémon movies!