Best Vocaloid Everything of 2016 with Community Leaders

Vocaloid, for the uninitiated, is a singing voice synthesizer that has characters for each voice bank like Miku Hatsune or Megurine Luka. The technology has sparked a global community of singers, tuners, songwriters, and creatives. 2016 took some big strides for the indie community that is paving the way for a stronger creative future.

We asked three very different and vocal leaders in the English community what were the things that made 2016 memorable.



I sing English covers of Vocaloid songs on YouTube because nobody wants to hear my Japanese. I also do English dubs for Sentai Filmworks as Juliet Simmons as a human being.

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1. “Σ”

“Σ” became Reol’s first official non-vocaloid album in collaboration with Giga P, both legendary in the community and again beating expectations in their pop duo style. Personal recommendations from this album would be “Chiru Chiru” and “Give A Break Stop Now” as they’re great for newcomers.


2. Palll.SENSATION by Yunosuke

This was a great electronic dance song in an almost Kpop style put out by a rising producer in the community.


3. Yusuke Kira

Kira became solidified his popularity as a Vocaloid producer in the YouTube community with songs like “Fighter” and “Circles” both in English for the international fan’s enjoyment.


4. Law Evading Rock by Neru

This was a surprise hit in 2016 by an already legendary producer as he wrote lyrics about society and directed a PV resembling an acid trip.


5. Lots of love

Many couples got engaged this year including @XayrCorgi & @cairistionya and @NipahDUBS & @AmaitoFuu to which we all wish the best and hope happiness for these couples!





EmpathP is a Western VOCALOID producer, musician, illustrator, and ameture voice actress. Her works include illustrating for the Celtic VOCALID “AVANNA” and voice providing for the American English VOCALOID “DAINA”

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1. VOCAMERICA: The Western VOCALOID Concert Project

It held its first concert in November 2016. The concert was a first among its kind to only feature Western Produced Vocaloids and Vocal Synths. Through a successful crowdfunding campaign and a lot of hard work, the projects’ concerts hope to continue into 2017.


2. CircusP’s winning song

The original song "Ten Thousand Stars" won the MikuExpo 2016 songwriting contest and was featured in concert.





I'm Anthong the Gay of the Unholy Quartet. I sing songs and do cool things with VOCALOID/UTAU!! I'm currently a student going into the field of sound recording technology and I hope to one day compose my own music.

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1. PowapowaP died :(((((

He uploaded a video on the day of his suicide it was so sad.

Rough translation: "I've lost my enchantment with life, now that I've grown up seems like being a grown up is no good".


2. Supercell released a vocaloid song after years for Project Diva X

It's called Name of Sin and it's just as heavenly as his other works


3. Babuchan has been making some really freaky songs that are unsettling


4. LamazeP created a song for Sony's Xperia mobile device




Not ready to say goodbye to 2016? You can also explore the other best of everything in:

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