You can also reach us via email at contact@goboiano.com. We’re happy to answer your questions.

I’m new to GoBoiano. Now what do I do? What’s going on here?

GoBoiano is the best place to share and experience anime culture around the world. We’re redefining how people see anime culture from next level music festivals, growing indie projects, and highlighting the best of this global community. Our website helps amplify this by allowing fans along with our editorial team to submit content on the website.

How do I get started?

You can explore GoBoiano and find content that interest you. If you register to make an account, you become part of the GoBoiano community and can:

  • Customize your profile.
  • Submit interesting content. When you do, it’s saved to your profile.
  • Leave comments around the community. Join the discussion and share your thoughts on specific topics.

I want to submit something to Goboiano – what’s the process?

After logging in, click the “post” tab in the top right and start writing your post. You can share anything from a full fledged articles to a single image, audio, or video post. Please make sure to attach the appropriate category and tags for your post.

What happens after I submit something?

Every day, hundreds of things are submitted to GoBoiano. Unfortunately, not everything can make it to the homepage. Our moderation team works hard to ensure all posts have a fair chance of being published on Goboiano.

I submitted something and I don’t see it on the homepage. Where can i view my post?

Every day, hundreds of new things are submitted to GoBoiano. Unfortunately, not everything can make it on the homepage as fast. In some cases, submissions are flagged for removal if they do not meet our content guidelines. If this is not the case, you can find your submissions under the “Pending” section of “Your Post” within the dashboard section of the navigation bar.

Can I submit content that I did not create?

We encourage people to submit all types of content that are available around the internet; however, you must provide the original source of the content you discovered. That said, we may remove submissions if the original creator ask Goboiano to remove their content. Please visit our DMCA page if you would like to have your content removed.

My content was submitted without my approval. How can I have it removed?

Sometimes people in the community are eager to be the first to promote something they like, even if the content isn’t owned by them. If your content is submitted and you’d like it removed, please check out our DMCA page.

I’m a brand and I want to promote our products. Can I submit a post?

We try to limit brands from submitting ads as content on GoBoiano to provide a trustworthy environment for the community. You can contact the advertising team for details on acceptable posts and the type of content that does not provide value to the community.